The minimalist interior design has been trending in recent years all around the world, including Malaysia. As seen on many mediums, the minimalist interior design regularly features neutral colours, especially white as it brings about a sense of simplicity. A white backdrop also suggests a clean view, achieving the aim of being minimalistic. There are so many ways to accomplish the minimalist look for your home, and offers plenty of options for you to choose from. If you like any of our designs available, you can directly contact the designers, or through

How to build your own minimalist design

To be minimalist is to keep it simple. You want to remove all the clutter, keep it neat and clean. A blank space is where you can begin thinking what to put, and where to place them. When you plan, remember that space is one of the key elements in this interior design. You can buy furniture, decorative items etc, but remind yourself that you don’t need too many! If you’re going for a minimalist-themed interior design, quantity does not matter. “Less is more” will be your motto in the designing and renovating process. Building your own minimalist design is not difficult, but you do need to have a good idea of what you want. The room needs to be able to present a spacious feel when you take a glance at it from a distance. The outcome is to achieve that sense of subtle emptiness, instead of being messy and overcrowded.

Explore minimalist interior design ideas

There are tons of minimalist interior design ideas in Malaysia that you can easily find on Even though they look simple, much effort and thought have been put into the interior design of each home. We have various designers, architects and contractors who are specialised in their skills, and are very dedicated to their jobs. Hence, we are proud to showcase their completed designs on for your reference. Every day, there are new designs coming in, and we’ll upload them to so that you can find your inspiration for your next house renovation. Something new is discovered with each different design, thus you’ll never run out of ideas to refer from.