6 Tips for Apartment Interior Design and Decorating Ideas

Have you imagined having your very own cosy apartment somewhere in Malaysia? A house that isn’t too big, but just enough for a family of two, three or four. If you’re going to call an apartment “home” for many years to come, then it may be essential to design and decorate it so that it looks and feels like your own home. With these 6 tips on apartment interior design and decoration ideas, you’ll be inspired really soon!

1. Colour tones

Which do you prefer – warm or cool tones? Warm tones like yellow, orange and rich red offer cosiness to a home; cool tones like green, blue and teal create the sense of a larger space. Your apartment doesn’t only need to be in either tone, it can be a mixture as well. The most important thing is to get a balance between these 2 tones to avoid having an overly crowded interior design or one that’s lack of a warm feeling.

2. Wood

If you’re trying to achieve the minimalist look, try adding some wood in parts of your apartment. A wooden coffee table, dining table, or even wooden floor provides a hint of nature to your home, yet keeps the whole look simple. Wooden patterns offer texture to your home, and soft tones will make your home feel utterly cosy as well.

3. Tapestry

Tapestry are beautiful decoration items to be used in a small home. Instead of paintings or other artworks, you can hang tapestry on the wall of your apartment. Tapestry is great for bedrooms as it brings character to the room, at the same time adding the right amount of decoration to a plain white room.

4. Plants

Add plants to your apartment to produce a greener ambience. Potted plants are great because they are easy to maintain and take care of. Furthermore, they make the air fresher for you and your family without taking up much space in the house. Start creating a healthy living space by incorporating potted plants in your home.

5. Hanging light bulbs

Light bulbs may seem small, but it sure brings a huge difference to your home. A few yellowish-orange light bulbs hung over the dining table create a warm dining area, where a small family would sit and have dinner together. You can choose to keep the wires hidden, but exposed wires are OK too if you like the industrial interior design.

6. Photo frames

Lots of photos are being kept in photo albums, stored away in drawers and cupboards. These classic memorabilia can make an excellent decoration for your apartment. DIY or purchase photo frames, put your favourite photos in them and place them around the house. Remember to not put too many of them to avoid cluttering the house.