5 Trendy Balcony Garden Ideas In Malaysia

If you like homes with a balcony, then it’s important to design it so that it doesn’t go to waste. A house with a beautiful balcony uplifts your mood, and it can also gain compliments from guests who visit your home. ZING.my is here to offer you some balcony garden ideas that are suitable for the weather in Malaysia.

1. Vines

Has the idea of using vines to design your balcony ever popped up on your mind? These hanging plants add flavour to your balcony while presenting a secret-garden character to it. Besides, if you hang enough of them, they offer a sense of privacy to you and your family. The vines can also shield you from the hot sun in Malaysia, offering you shade while you relax in your balcony.

2. Potted plants

Potted plants are fit for any balcony gardens. If you live in a high-rise building, potted plants help to create a cleaner and more organised space. Apart from that, it also helps to save space if you have a small balcony. Potted plants don’t necessarily have to be on the ground, they can be hung on the ceiling, the wall and even your balcony railing. All you need is a hook so that they can hang onto these places. Hanging flowers like petunia and roses will definitely brighten up your balcony.

3. Wooden racks

These wooden racks are beautiful, and it naturally fits into a minimalist-themed home. You can either place the potted plants on different levels of the rack, or even hang them up. It’s a good idea to keep the plants looking neat at the balcony, so that it doesn’t become too cluttered in the small space. Some foldable racks allow better storage when you decide to keep your plants indoors.

4. Artificial grass

If you’re someone who’s too busy to manage your balcony garden, there’s always the option of installing artificial grass. It may not be real, but artificial grass provides a uniform shade of green to the garden, minus the small living things like worms and bugs. Besides, there’s no need for maintenance, so it’ll stay “evergreen”. Another option is to place a wooden furniture set on the grass, which will make the garden look very lovely and inviting.

5. Plants within the wall

Walls are not only meant for hanging potted plants, it’s possible to plant them within the walls as well. You can drill a shallow square hole in the wall, or even build a frame to accommodate potted plants. Apart from that, you can also purchase stackable pot holders, which can be placed vertically on walls. The plants will look as if they’re growing from the wall, creating a beautiful contradiction to a marble, wooden or cement balcony wall.