Othello Board

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Project Overview

52 weeks
Completion Year
Mutiara Damansara, Selangor
2,800 sqft

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Project info

Othello Board, is a simple, functional and aesthetically relaxing space, the owner is a pair of young couples who go home after a long day of work, So that the body and mind completely immersed and stay at home for more activities. Malaysia perennial facing the issue of security so much of the iron gate in every household is almost ubiquitous. Jump the frame of thinking presents a different space .The Othello Board project is special as it features thoughtful solutions to everyday problems while priority aesthetics. The front of the home is clever; the combination of a grill gate, exposed bricks, and a pond behind those bricks (acting as a moat) boost security without sacrificing aesthetics. The brick wall breaks up a full security grill that can feel prison-like while keeping prying eyes away.To tackle the security issue in the kitchen, director eschewed the same security grills for a wall of planter boxes, keeping the home as safe as it is green. Yong's mantra is about the positive feelings, not forcing the owners but for the owners to be more active participation and communication, causing people to resonate with the air between. Such as Steph said: "You can forget the image, but you will never forget a feeling.

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