Denai Alam Terrace

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Project Overview

12 weeks
Completion Year
Denai Alam, Selangor
1,650 sqft

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Project info

Located at the quiet area of Denai Alam, this house doesn’t look any different from the rest on the outside. Yet, once you walk into the house, it brings not only the difference in visual. Design with a combination of white and earth colours, as if you walk into a charging station for your soul. The atrium is the main focus in this house, the good lighting and air ventilation provide infinite circulation. A transparent roof is built to let in the natural lights, the walls are a combination of concrete and wooden tiles – brilliantly blending the sense of rigidness and softness together, while present a great sense of layering for the space. The house belongs to a young couple who enjoy having family and friends over during the weekends, hence a small dining table wouldn’t be enough for such happy moments. Because of this, we designed a long island behind the table to fulfil the demand. Besides, we turned one of the walls into a photo wall whereby the owners can share their travel photos; coupled with the effect of the lights, the wall adds more fun to the whole dining area. Casual and soft are the concepts adapted in the design of the rooms and living room. The gradient curtains and grey-coloured sofas soften the living room space. The bedroom is a space combining cool-coloured walls and warm-coloured furniture, with the multi-purpose concept whereby a long table that combines working station and dressing table together.

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