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About DesignLogix Sdn Bhd

Designing unconventionally for your brand.

The adage ‘Function before Form’ serves to solve many operational or functional issues, but it doesn’t necessarily stretch a designer beyond the true and tried, breaking boundaries and producing awesome designs. Or setting a whole new benchmark for extraordinary designs and discovering new materials or exploring new uses of old materials. If designers never tried to place ‘Form before function’, we would never have glass thin hand phones that enables you to communicate, take photos, track your location, browse the internet, store your photos, and monitor your blood pressure, and general health. All possible today because some time ago, someone, somewhere said break boundaries, go crazy and make a dent in the universe.

And all this requires you to solve problems analytically as well as going beyond limits creatively. In short, balancing the right and left brain to design solutions unconventionally. Combining creativity with logic to achieve awesome designs. We promise to listen and understand your story. Your requirements, Your vision. Your dreams.

DesignLogix aspires to be a regional player and to prepare ourselves for the big league, we are taking on many diverse projects, each with unique requirements, unique clients’ expectations, unique spaces, all to learn and explore new ways and new spaces to design and solve problems. All to stretch our creative right brains and challenge our analytical left brains more. How else do you learn if you don’t break boundaries and aim to create a dent in the universe?