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About Bear Living Sdn Bhd

Bear Living Sdn Bhd is a project management company, a full service main contractor specialises in constructing Award Winning Designer Houses and Bungalows, boutique hotels, commercial properties and other unique establishments.

“You have made room for love, for joy, for peace.” - Eckhart Tolle, author.

That’s what BEAR LIVING strives for, providing you with comfort and warmth in the form of spacious areas to fit your lifestyle needs. The nature of the animal ‘bear’ captures what we represent perfectly; both literally and figuratively, and allow us to tell you why:

In the kingdom of the animals, bears are considered the supreme protectors, bold and fearless in securing their loved ones. That kind of tenacity and sacrifice symbolise something that makes one feel secured and protected – just like our homes.

As often seen in its characteristics, a bear values solitary, privacy and quality resting time. This is what we at BEAR LIVING emphasise on, building cosy and relaxing homes for your comfort and peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic daily life. Just like a bear, finding your own space to unwind is a call to reflect and be at ease in your own private space, for you to realign your priorities and needs.

Where else to ‘hibernate’ than in your own home?

Moreover, the bear family consists of different kinds of breeds and species, and they are all distinguished by appearances. The same concept applies to our homes – each are built and designed to represent your own characteristics and personalities for you to retain your individuality.

The tenacity of a bear’s spirit gives us the strength and determination to deal with challenges, while keeping us firm and grounded on reality. Hardships are aplenty and met on daily basis, but as a leading boutique management company, we provide the solutions and ideas for unique design and construction – capturing the essence of the ‘bear’.

All in all, BEAR LIVING is also about ‘bare living’. It is in a sense where the homes we build are based on the concept of minimalism; and the less cluttered your home is, the more space you have for everything else to fit with your living lifestyle.

It is a place that you can’t wait to come back to, your personal one-of-a-kind haven.