Why Should You Hire An Interior Decorator?

Interior decorators are different from interior designers, but equally important if you plan to have a nice home interior design. Dealing less with the whole design of the house, and more with aesthetics, your interior decorator is responsible for colours, decorative items, furniture etc. In what ways is an interior decorator able to help you?

1. Save time 

Interior decorators tend to be organised with good planning skills. When they work for you, they should have a schedule to keep the interior decoration progress in check. Compared to working on the interior decoration on your own, hiring an interior decorator definitely saves you time on making unwanted mistakes. Painting your room a colour that is different from what you have in mind can be wasting time. Furthermore, you’d have to research on alternative colours and go through numerous trial and errors before you get it right. Therefore, check out our list of companies to find a suitable interior decorator for your home in Malaysia.

2. Save cost 

So you think hiring an interior decorator in Malaysia is way more expensive than doing it on your own? Well, unless you have the right skills and experience, then it would be best to get help from these professionals. Imagine buying the wrong furniture and realising it a day before your house-warming party: it would have been a disaster. With the help of an interior decorator, you get the right furniture the first time, without having to spend on unwanted items or costs for returning big items. The same thing goes for decorative items such as sculptures or antiques that are expensive.

3. Skilled experts 

You want to showcase the best of your new house to your guests, and not a home interior that looks a little off. Interior decorators know what’s best for your home, whether it’s traditional, Balinese or minimalist theme, they’ll work accordingly. Colours or decorations that you never thought about would look right when it’s done by them. Based on the trainings that they went through, they’ll know what fits right here and there. In the end, the whole interior design is something that looks like it came right out of a magazine. And that’s the finishing touch that you want to get from hiring an interior decorator in Malaysia.

4. Right materials 

Is it wood, glass or bricks? You might not be sure of it, but your interior decorator can tell you what to use after they listen to your ideas. You’re letting a beautiful house go to waste when you’re unsure what makes it look best. The knowledge that an interior decorator possesses will allow him or her to give you proper advice. Your ideas can remain, but they’ll offer ways to improvise them. Hence, your personal style stays, but it can be presented in a bolder and more creative way. Interior decorators help you to display your personal style in the best way possible when it comes to your home interior design.

5. Networking

Placing decorative items around the house can make a big difference to it. A big, unique piece of wooden sculpture can change the whole feel and look of your house. Let’s say you have always wanted to place a certain object in your dream house, but you don’t know where to get it. Here is where an interior decorator comes into play. Because of the wide network they have with collectors and sellers, they’ll know where to get very unusual and specific items. Be it a wooden table from Africa, or an intricate sculpture from Bali, they’ll be able to obtain these unique pieces for your house in Malaysia. Sometimes, they might even be able to get a good price, which can help to save you some money.

6. Stress free

For that few times in your life, you can leave the stress to other people. This time, it’s going to be your interior decorators. If you’re not skilled in this field, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Rather than adding stress to your daily life by not knowing what to do, it’s ideal to hire an interior decorator for a guaranteed outcome. That way, you can still go on with your daily routine without having to worry about your home interior design. It’s nice to know that your home refurbishment is in good hands while you are busy at work. 

7. Experience

When you hire an interior decorator, you’re also paying for the experience that they have. After working with various clients, interior decorators know what different clients want. They’ve also had multiple practices decorating different kinds of houses, hence decorating your house wouldn’t be a difficult task for them. Interior decorators will usually need to go through certain courses and trainings before they start their career. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s alright to give new interior decorators a chance to decorate your home because they are qualified for the job.

8. Good eye for detail 

Interior decorators don’t go through proper trainings for nothing. Having a trained eye, they look at things differently from those that are not in the same field. Despite knowing what to place at specific parts of the house, they also have a good eye for detail. You might not notice how a little plant can affect the appearance of your dining area, but interior decorators do. From the material of the pot to the type of plant, these little things are noticed by your interior decorator. Therefore, they are well-trained to provide a foolproof interior decoration to you.