Tips to save on house renovation cost and budget In Malaysia

A house renovation in Malaysia can cost pretty much if you don’t plan before works begin. It’s a good idea to calculate the renovation budget prior to your home renovation, so that you don’t waste time, energy and money on unnecessary things. Here are some tips by for you to save on house renovation cost and budget in Malaysia.

Go industrial

One way to save on house renovation is to go industrial. Let those light bulbs hang from the ceiling, where its wires and the source of its electrical energy can be seen. Exposed air-conditioners provide a rustic look, and also save the cost of having to cover it up. What’s even better is that you can leave the walls unpainted in a grey cement colour, or in its original red bricks. This will be a factor that makes the wall stand out.

Use fairy lights

Fairy lights are lightweight, easy to use and affordable in comparison to other types of fancy lamps. They are also flexible, hence you can line them across an edge without much difficulty as all you need is tapes. They’re best used in bedrooms for a low-light condition, where it offers warmth and a calm mood to the room. Therefore, instead of spending too much on lamps that may be pricey for your budget, try fairy lights for a low-budget renovation.

Paint those walls

Painting your walls can be cost-saving, and it gives you maximum freedom too. You choose the colour, design or even a painting that you desire. Doing it on your own helps you to save on renovation budget, and it can be fun to work on your dream house that you might be living in for the rest of your life. On the contrary, wallpapers can last longer, but they are more costly compared to paint. Furthermore, installing and tearing them down is very troublesome, which will require help from experts. Hence, painting your wall may just be the best idea.

Consider different companies

Every interior design company has their own talents, resources and ways of designing homes. Likewise, the interior design ideas that they suggest to you will definitely be different as well. Considering all the factors such as labour and materials, the quotations provided will vary. If your renovation budget isn’t too high, choose one that’s close to your desired design but more simple. However, you need to make sure that a certain quality is there for it to last a long time.