11 Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas That You Will Like

Looking to refurbish your bedroom? Take a look at some of the bedroom design ideas based in Malaysia for some inspiration.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/ambrosia-house-21-puchong

This bedroom has a modern interior design that’s simple in its own way. By separating the wardrobe, this room seems to have an organised space without the clutter of clothings and accessories. The wooden element of the divider gives the feel of a modern bedroom as well.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/sunway-spk

With walls of a neutral colour and wooden desks in shades of light brown, the interior design of this bedroom is clean and very soothing. It gives a sense of calmness, which welcomes its owners to go to bed every night for a good rest.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/semenyih-residence

A warm and romantic tone of this room suits a young couple very well. Elements of wood on the cupboard and floor accentuate the warmth while offering a sense of connectedness with nature. The bed lights are subtle so it doesn’t affect the room’s overall design, yet enough to make a presence.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/mr-philemon-george-residence-cyberjaya

Fresh, fun, yet calm enough for a bedroom. The yellow wall behind the bed fits well with the slash of mirror, presenting the chic personality of the bedroom. The dark brown floor holds it back from being too vibrant, paired with beige armchairs that give a sense of maturity.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/latitud-3-0

This bedroom design idea exhibits the ambience of a modern princess room. The pink pillows, rug and seat cushions are girly elements that prettify the room. However, the bedroom gains character from its glossy tiles, textured wooden headboard and silver sofa.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/mansion

Sleek, stylish, a representation of modernity. Its dark colours in shades of grey and brown give it a classy look, with the help of a dark grey shaggy rug. The beige tall table that faces the window is complete with the tall chairs - trendy but not losing its practicality.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/contemporary-home-design-vina-residence-cheras

Meridian’s emphasis on art and tranquillity in this bedroom brings out certain characteristics of its owner. However, the cosiness of this room is retained by the yellow lights oozing from the incandescent light bulbs, which stand out in the presence of the dark wooden panel and grey headboard.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/luxurious-modern-home-design-ampang

In this modern design bedroom, the strong wooden patterns of the bed frame and drawer capture viewers’ attention, making it one of the highlights of the room. The sitting area next to the window shows good utilisation of the extra space that’s out of the bedroom square.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/desa-coalfields-master-bedroom-sungai-buloh

The dark concept of this bedroom offers a sense of privacy to its owners. Its mysteriousness is enhanced by the black lamps, at the same time they produce beams of light that remind owners of the comfort of their bedroom. The wall with black, shiny tiles is also an interesting point of this room.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/basil-m-aruna

A minimalist wardrobe fits finely in this heavily patterned space. A tropical vibe brought to calmness by a very clean wardrobe area and less-than-simple lamps. A great use of space behind the bed for the vanity of a lady.

Refer: http://zing.my/projects/resident

A bedroom for the creative and young, with a hint of cosiness at the bed area. The blue armchair offers a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room. The mirrors in this room helps to extend its visual space, making it look more spacious.